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Английский язык карточки слов


English is too dificult? Not now!Learning English can be a lot of fun! Meet the first quiz-coach, a great game which will help you to explore the 3,000 most frequently used English words. Only words that are REALLY used more often! Scientists say that 3000 words in Russian is enough to read and understand 95% of any article or note.
 First free educational game simulator, which is a playful way to help you start learning 3000 most frequently used foreign words. Choose any of the 11 most important foreign language and begin your training. No topics only English phrases and expressions Only those words that are REALLY are used more often! Scientists say 3000 words in English enough so that you can read and understand all articles, texts, or even movies with subtitles or not.
We have selected for you the most important 3000 in English, German or Spanish words and speech created this learning game that allows online or offline (without Internet), it is easy to learn English words, times or irregular verbs. Now it is easy to memorize English words from scratch - you just need to carry out the lessons, quizzes and assignments in the educational game "3000 words" transcription. Download the app can be free!
Learn the most necessary words in any language:- English - German - French - Spanish - Italian - Swedish - Danish - Norwegian- Chinese - Japanese
All words are divided into groups of 100 words. Each lesson 10 - examination test, in it you need to answer a series of 20 questions. You can make a mistake in 3 words. Cribs you do not need. We removed from the base of prepositions, pronouns and numerals, leaving only the most important.
Just select your native language and any of these languages ​​and start learning foreign languages ​​without memorizing that the translator you no longer need. It is much more interesting and useful than boring memorization. You can also find players online and play with them on the Internet.
Learning English and English words have never been more fun! The game is suitable to start learning at any stage: for beginners and advanced, children, preschoolers and schoolchildren. Soon we will add in audio for learning English, Spanish and German. You will be able to learn languages ​​at the hearing, with the pronunciation. Just a month or two you will be able to learn English so that you do not need more the Anglo-Russian and Russian-English dictionary, phrase book or tutorial. You can not use a translator to understand any sentence stories, dialogues, movies or even cartoons. Well, learn English letters, numbers and colors?
The application will allow to learn difficult words in the form of games. 3000 presented words encompass school program for 1, 2, 4, up to 11 classes. The game will help in passing the exam or ESCC 2017 by English language. To get started, you just need to enter the app every day and memorize words by 6-7 daily. Very soon you will be able to pass all the tests and perform any task.
Learn Spoken English - quickly and easily! Do not forget about the English courses, books, and word cards. Do not forget the lessons! The app does not replace your curriculum, it only help to better learn English to the exam your teacher you put 5. Well, if you are given an English grammar, the rules all the time or speaking, you'd better use a textbook with exercises to learn English or Bonk Pimsleur method or Tichera.
We have selected the most frequently occurring words in a speech from the easiest to the rare but very important in speech. The word considered to be learned, if you gave the correct translation of 3 times.The game is free and is available in Russian - you can switch from Russian and into Russian in the settings at any time.If you have gone through the game - you can assume that reading and communicating in English or Spanish you have mastered, there is no such situation in which you would not find something to say in English, German or Spanish! You're almost a polyglot!